Buensoft Lingua Assistance

Buensoft Lingua® was designed so it is very easy to used for even those people who have never used this type of program before. However, here is what you only need to know in order to start using Buensoft Lingua.

Buensoft Lingua® has 3 panels:

1) The Lessons panel where you select the lesson you want to study

2) The Phrases panel where you can see the phrases you are about to learn inside the lesson

3) The Activities panel where you select what activity/game to play with your selected lesson

Also, you might find a tutorial icon in the upper part of the phrases panel just like the one below:
You may click on this icon to read more about your lesson.

That's it!

If you would like, you can also create your own Lessons with the Lesson Editor (included). Click here to learn how to create your own lessons. Additionally you may want to share your lessons with us. Become a volunteer to record additional lessons.

Last but not least you may also create your own Activities/Games if you know how to program in Flash®. Click here to learn how to create your own Buensoft Lingua Activities.

Let us know if you any additional question via email or by using the contact form

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